!! I'm not dead!

fo real!

I'm back to writing again, really really.

*nods* I've nearly finished two things, and I'm re-editing some stuffs(AKA HEAVY overhaul!)

And for those of you who liked "Animals, Monsters", I'm pretty much done with Sanji's side of things. Its even more smut-tastic than the first!

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So I'll be in MN for a week starting Tuesday. I plan to bring along paper and pen, but I don't know if I'll actually WRITE. So no spazzy 6 AM postings.

Speaking of, I'm not sure if I want to continue writing. But I get the feeling thats just me being emo and PMS-y. I currently devote more time to my DS trying to get 5 golden stars in GH than writing. I don't leave things half finished, though.

While we're on the topic of PMS, my period is due any day now. I say "due". I should clarify. My fiance says my period will start any day. He usually gets it right with a 24 hour margin of error.

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We played and beat Portal in 3 hours today. And then ran around going "THE CAKE IS A LIIIIE!" Again, I write at 6 AM.

Title: How Many?
Rating: PG - 13 for language!
Pairings: ZxS. I'll let you know when I write something else.
Warnings: Dirty Boxers. And I didn't proof read this at all, corrections more than welcome.

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Yo yo yo

I wrote this at.... 5 am last night. HEY! Its the same time now! Wow!

Anyhoo, I haven't been posting much because... of my DS. Really. And Nevermind the Buzzcocks. I love British humor. I want to use "wanker", "twat", and "slag" in a fic sometime. I digress. Pt2 of The Way thing will be done done by Friday. Here ya go!

Title: Perception
Rating: .... no idea. Really. Lets stick PG - 13 on this one.
Pairings: Hints of Z+S
Warnings: Deathfic. Reality gets FUBARed. Or its a ghost. I'm not really sure.
Notes: Uh, I kinda was going for a Mobius strip effect. If it doesn't make sense, ask and I'll try to explain.

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June 2006 - July 14th, 2008

DS Lite perished in a tragic weather related accident last night. Owner Kam slipped down a muddy hill in the rain; Batman messenger bag and wallet also suffered minor injuries, Lite was the only casualty. Lite is survived by PS2, Game Boy Advance, Pokemon Blue, Yellow, Pearl, Castlevania, and the cat(Salem).

Guitar Hero will be playing at the memorial service, held later on tonight.


True story, I fell down a hill last night after work. Both Randy and his manager managed to stay on their feet while walking down a muddy hill in the rain. How long did it take me to fall, you ask? All of 2 seconds.  My ass has a giant bruise on it cause I keep my wallet in my butt pocket, attached with a chain. My DS was in my messenger bag, and my new jeans are now brown. I went to turn on my DS earlier today... and realized the case was covered in cracks. I had hope that it was just the outside, but when I turned the screen on I realized the damage was far more extensive. The touch screen is responsive, but black. I'm hoping that the Guitar Hero button-plug-thing is ok, too. It was plugged in when I took the plunge.

Randy(fiance) is going to pick me up a DS Lite in Black. We'll see when he gets back.

Well then

In my head, Brooke is Enrique Bunbury.

Sanji is Paul, this kid that I worked with for a while. Generic emo, but this kid PIMPED it. He would get like, 10 numbers a night on a bad day.

Zoro is Fabio. Its what I get for watching "I kissed a girl" by Jill Sobule

This is what I get for trying to write at 4 AM.

I'm a posting wench.

I needed a break from being emo. I'm a lil posting wench, I know.

Its also a good excuse for me to use the word "banana hammock".

Title: At Which Point They Kill the Writer
Rating: PG-15. Language. Death(if the title doesn't give it away)
Pairing: Zoro/Sanji. School uniforms*cough*

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